# Welcome to Rebel Coding!


This is a work in progress, released before completion. Copies of the book Just the Basics are available for purchase, covering steps 1-4. Though steps 5-8 and the appendices are still being constructed, albeit publicly.

Thank you so much for venturing this way and exploring my materials.

My name is Canin Carlos, notoriously known as Culture Clap on the net.

What follows is an ever growing guide to web development, open-source software, and a bit more.

These guides are meant to help readers to begin building projects as soon as possible.

I hope these materials are able to help you grow as much as writing them continues to help me.

If you'd like to purchase a PDF or eReader copy, those are available through itch.io.

Or if you'd just like to toss me a couple bucks for coffee or a sammich; you can also support me through Patreon starting at $1 per month.

Any and all support is super appreciated.

Canin got paint on himself