# About Rebel Coding

Teaching Code to Those Outside the System

Rebel Coding is a learning platform, and series of guides, designed to onboard new developers.

What makes Rebel Coding unique is that the curriculum is built around an application for civic engagement.

Readers are able to both learn to code, while making contributions to an open-source application that can be replicated to serve their community.

Aligned with an ethos of education and transparency, below are also all of our marketing plans and documents.

Beyond helping people learn to code, we aspire to help people build their lives in this ever-evolving digital era, and so we make this information available as well.

# About Culture Clap

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I am a multi-disciplinary participant of life, artist, entrepreneur & educator; each aspect helping to balance another. I help others build systems of equilibrium for their own pursuits, in an otherwise chaotic world.

Or that is how my LinkedIn profile reads.

I learned how to code in order to build the ScreamFreely; and in the spirit of expanding the work I decided to illustrate a path others might take to learn how to code. And so Rebel Coding has become anoher project.

For a more complete review of my life up to now, one can check out the frontpage of CultureClap.com.

If you'd like to review a copy of my resume, it is available here.

# Notable Thank Yous

Rebel Coding not could be as it now is without the help of some wonderful people: